Network Cable Tester & Wire Tracer for BNC, RJ11, RJ12 & RJ45 - 8 Remotes

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This network cable tester tests the pin assignments accurately of unshielded and shielded RJ45 cables as well as telephone cables (RJ11 and RJ12) and BNC cables. It allows you to determine if the cable is pinned correctly or if it is mis-wired, shorted or has open circuits. It also measures length, does tone and probe, measures PoE and port flashing. It has a colour LCD screen, ability to save and export test results, cross-talk indication, rechargeable batteries and comes with 8 remotes for multiple location testing.


  • Test cable continuity for open, shorts, cross-wires and breaks
  • Tracer RJ45, RJ12, RJ11 and BNC cables
  • Measure cable lengths and locate point of failure location
  • Detect AC voltage from 90V to 1000V
  • Locate network port on switches and routers
  • Identify and measure pin power on PoE devices
  • Ping testing to measure network performance
  • Save and export test data

Inexpensive - Lightweight - Convenient

This cable tester is reliable, inexpensive and simple to use. Comes in a compact, lightweight design.

Quick and Easy Operation

This tester is a quick and easy way to check the pin assignment of your cables. It allows you to determine if the cable is pinned straight through, mis-wired, shorted or has open circuits.

Works with a Variety of Connections

Designed to work with RJ45 Ethernet cables, telephone cables (RJ11, RJ12), as well as BNC cables.



Physical Characteristics
Color Grey/Blue
(L x W x D)
Transmitter: 173x92x34mm
Receiver: 183x58x35mm
Remote: 106x32x30mm
Cable Types Transmitter: CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7, CAT8, Coax, Phone
Receiver: >= 2 cores
Connector Types Remote: BNC, RJ11, RJ12, RJ45
Tracing Cables Max Distance 1000m
Wire Mapping Max Distance 2000m
Cable Length Measurement Max Distance 2000m
Accuracy 98% (after calibration)
Calibration Minimum Distance 10m
Cable Map Indication LCD (Pin1-Pin8 & G)
Working Temperature 10 deg C ~ 60 deg C
Working Humidity 0 deg C ~ 70 deg C
Battery Type Transmitter: 3.7V Lithium Battery 1800mAh
Receiver: 3.7V Lithium Battery 1800mAh
Packaging Information
Packaging Quantity 1
Product Weight 2.04 lbs
Included in Package 1 - Transmitter
1 - Receiver
8 - Remote
1 - RJ11 Cable Adapter
1 - RJ45 Cable Adapter
1 - Alligator Clip
1 - Carry Bag
1 - Gift Box
1 - Charging Adapter
1 - User Manual

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