F-Type Connector Installation & Removal Tool - 6 inch

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This F-Type screwdriver is used to install and remove F-Type connectors in tight spaces. It slides over the F-Type connector and gives the user a solid grip to easily screw on or unscrew the connector. The rear of the tool has a handy F-Type insertion feature which comfortably holds a F-Type connector while pushing it onto coaxial cable before crimping it in place.

Save Time and Effort

Easily screw on/off F-Type connectors in place especially in tight spaces.

Multi-Purpose Tool

This screw driver can be used for screwing F-Type connectors on and off splitters and equipment but also aids in the termination of F-Type connectors onto coaxial cable by securely holding the F-Type connector in place when inserting it onto cable prior to crimping.

Physical Characteristics
Color Clear/Red
Length 6 inches
Material Plastic
Connector F-Type
Packaging Information
Packaging Quantity 1
Product Weight 0.85 lbs

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