12-Fiber Multimode OM4 12-Position MPO Female no guide pins to 12x LC/UPC not clipped - OFNP Plenum

Length: 2m
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This multimode fiber optic MPO breakout cable is made with Corning glass fiber and consists of a MPO/MTP female connector on one end and 12 simplex LC male connectors on the other. It is used in high bandwidth datacenter applications connecting switches or MPO/MTP cassettes.

Physical Characteristics
Breakout Length 24 inches
Color Aqua
Cable Diameter 3mm
Fiber Count 12 Fibers
Fiber Type Multimode 50/125 Micron OM4
Glass Manufacturer Corning Glass
Jacket Rating Plenum (OFNP)
Connector A 1 - 12-Position MPO Female (no guide pins) Elite Connectors
Connector B 12 - LC Simplex Male
MPO Insertion Loss ≤0.35 dB
MPO Return Loss ≥20db
LC Insertion Loss ≤0.3 dB
LC Return Loss ≥20 dB
Testing 100% IL, RL and Interferometer Tested
RoHS Yes
UL UL Listed Cable
Packaging Information
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Cable Weights
3ft - 1m 6ft - 2m 10ft - 3m 15ft - 5m 30ft - 10m 50ft - 15m 65ft - 20m 100ft - 30m
0.17 lbs 0.20 lbs 0.22 lbs 0.27 lbs 0.38 lbs 0.48 lbs 0.60 lbs 0.82 lbs

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