OM3 Multimode 50 Micron Indoor/Outdoor Armored (Corning ClearCurve) - OFCP Plenum Fiber Bulk Cable (per meter)

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This bulk 6-strand OM3 armored fiber cable is indoor/outdoor plenum rated and has a tight buffer construction. It is OFCP rated for plenum and general inside plant environments. It's aluminum interlocking armor provides the best balance of ruggedness, flexibility, and low weight. It also has a UV stabilizer for protection against exposure to the sun plus an anti-fungus protection and water-blocking elements for outdoor applications.


  • Cables are water blocked and meet water penetration requirements of GR-20-CORE
  • Outer jacket is moisture-resistant, fungus-resistant and UV resistant for outdoor use
  • Tested to meet or exceed EIA/TIA 568-A/GR-409-CORE and ICEA-S-104-696
  • Approved for use in mining applications
  • RoHS/REACH Compliant


Physical Characteristics
Color Black
Fiber Optic Type OM3 50 micron Multimode Plenum Indoor/Outdoor Armored
Tight Buffered Cable
Fiber Count 6-Strand
Glass Fiber Corning ClearCurve
Armorer Aluminum Interlocking Armor
Sub Unit Diameter 900 Micron
Diameter 0.51 inch (13.0mm) - 6-Strand
Tension 344lbs/km - 6-Strand
Bending Radius 10.24 inch (260.1mm) - 6-Strand
Installation Temperature -10ÂșC to +70ÂșC
Operating Temperature -40ÂșC to +70ÂșC
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ +75℃
Attenuation Range @850nm 3.0dB/km
@1300nm 1.0dB/km
Bandwidth Range @850nm > 2000 MHz/km
@1300nm > 500 MHz/km
Gigabit Ethernet Min. Link Distance @850nm = 1000 meters
@1300nm = 550 meters
10 Gigabit Ethernet Min. Link Distance @850nm = 300
Fire Rating OFCP
UV Stabilizer Yes
Anti-Fungus Protection Yes
Water-Blocking Yes
Product Support
RoHS Yes
Country of Origin USA
Packaging Information
Package Quantity 1
Product Weight 0.4 lbs

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